Custom Performance Garments

On December 2019 we were selected by SAN DIEGO CIRCUS CENTER to design and create the performance garments for their Winter Show. 

In 2019 San Diego Circus Center and Cirque du Soleil’s NexGen program signed an official agreement in order to enhance their teaching curriculum. KIIN® was honored to be part of this program! Sketching, fitting and developing the performance garments for each student was a beautiful experience.

KIIN® provided over 34 outfits for this show, a video (above) of one of their acts and photos of the Athletes and garments (below). 

Because we’re intimately involved in every garment we make, we provide customization – in all its forms

Kiin provides bespoke garments for clients who seek an exclusive and personalized look, for those who need optimum performance and ultimate comfort.

We design for your most demanding needs, using the most exclusive and innovative performance fabrics. Quality, comfort, and fit are always our top priorities, and we work with you from the initial idea to the last stitch to create a piece that is perfect for your body and style.


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