Because we’re intimately involved in every garment we make, we provide customization – in all its forms

Kiin provides bespoke garments for clients who seek an exclusive and personalized look, for those who need optimum performance and ultimate comfort.

We design for your most demanding needs, using the most exclusive and innovative performance fabrics. Quality, comfort, and fit are always our top priorities, and we work with you from the initial idea to the last stitch to create a piece that is perfectly for your body and your style.

Endurance athletes/sports

The elite athletes who compete in custom apparel are gifted, and Kiin creates the most precise performance garments for the most demanding competitors.

Kiin offers real compression gear. Kiin’s compression gear is engineered for boosting athletic performance and faster post-workout recovery.

Businesses/ Studios/Gyms/Teams

At Kiin we understand the importance of being distinctive, and we help build that uniqueness for your businesses. We create custom-built t-shirts for your business, providing a wide variety of color and fabric options.

When you buy from Kiin, you forge a distinct identity in design and an ethos of conservation by reducing ocean plastic waste.

We also offer premier fit - including non-standard sizes - and exclusive design.


Kiin’s specialists understand your needs during this significant time. Our specialty fabrics amiable designs are adapted for all your requirements and activities during and after pregnancy.

You and your baby deserve the finest and pure organic, natural and performance fabrics, we provide great fit and comfort throughout your maternity journey.

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