Does KIIN® donate to non-profits or social causes?
Yes, we donate to individuals and organizations who actively work saving species, rescuing animals, restoring marine habitats, designing environmental solutions, recycling, and much more.

Is KIIN® a social company?
We are an Ethical and Sustainable Business. We are not a social company since the profits go to: the income growth of all those who put their expertise in KIIN, the growth of the business and donations.
KIIN started with the vision of providing income to talented Artists and Designers and at the same time being environmentally innovative. Therefore we pay to all Designers and Artists who have developed work for KIIN.

What are KIIN’s sustainable practices?
Our materials are non-toxic for rivers and oceans during production.
Our materials are certified.
Our labels and packaging are 100% biodegradable, compostable and/or photodegradable.
Garments are durable and perform in more than 1 activity. This reduces constant garment consumption.
We use natural fabrics such as Hemp, Organic Cotton, Bamboo, Tencel and many other innovative materials.
Some of our pieces are RAW, meaning they are not bleached or dyed.

Does KIIN® work with Designers?
Yes, we work with some of the best Designers and Artists. All of our work is exclusively made by talented individuals.

Does KIIN® charge extra for made-to-measure sizes?
No, adjusting our ready-to-wear collection (online store pieces) to your body has no extra cost.

Are the garments for all body types?
Yes, KIIN® is for all body types. We make custom bras up to I-cup and custom garments for those who need non-commercial sizes/styles.

How can I distribute KIIN®?
e-mail us at info@kiin-athletic.com or call us requesting information and we will respond in less than 24 hours.

Are the garments machine wash?
Yes, you may use a washing and drying machine on all KIIN® garments. We recommend using a mesh bag on delicate items for more durability. e-mail us to request your FREE mesh bag.

Where are KIIN® garments made?
Designed and made in U.S.A

Does KIIN® shop from gray market?

Do KIIN® products have a warranty?
Yes, all of them. The life of the warranty depends on the style. Some styles have a 1 year warranty.

Can we do payment installments?
Yes, we accept monthly or weekly payments.

Do you have student and military discounts?
Yes we give 15% off. Use the code: KIIN15. We will need to do an ID verification once you complete your purchase.

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