Sustainability is our core and we always look for creative solutions to prevent damage on our environment.

By implementing the latest technologies in sustainability Kiin takes a deeper step into the movement.We think globally and we know that everything we do or do not do has an impact on our planet.

To help decrease synthetic waste in our planet, we use recycled fabrics from recycled water bottles and recycled nylon.

Made in USA: Our pieces are made in California to reduce our carbon footprint and support the local industry.

Low waste

We choose to be resourceful and minimize our waste in all we do. Reusing paper and fabric is part of our work, allowing zero waste of fabric in our production.

Non-toxic fabrics

OurĀ fabrics fulfill the highest standards of quality, ensuring that our apparel is non-toxic for our customers and the environment.

Recycled fabrics

We use polyester fabrics from recycled water bottles and recycled nylon.

Natural fabrics

We make pieces with bamboo and organic cotton fibers.

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