Kiin is an ethical fashion house since 2014. Always driven by innovation with uncompromising quality. Kiin has unlocked a rich playground for the fashion connoisseur, versatile and timeless attire to wear from the beach to a cocktail party. Kiin multifunctional garments will make anybody perform in a wide variety of activities and sports.

Our main muse: the ocean. Always incorporating recycling technologies and waste reduction solutions. Impeccably designed with the best of quality, chemical-free, metal-free, non-toxic materials for us and for our oceans.


The origins of KIIN lay in being attuned to nature. Being deeply involved with our environmental shapes everything we do. Longer-lasting fabrics, sturdy construction and timeless styling resonate our commitment to create sustainable and versatile fashion. KIIN garments are made with fabrics that are innovative, environmentally progressive and amazing to the touch. Matter is regenerated to create performance fabrics and packaging, in alignment to our minimal-waste vision. Enduring –styling along with low-impact, high integrity manufacturing is KIIN’s core. An intelligent alternative to throwaway fashion and ethical manufacturing.

We invite you to partner with us on our endeavor towards the global stewardship of redefining luxury to include ethical consumption of fashion.

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